Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For the One (Dress)!

When searching for your perfect wedding dress - there are a few things to keep in mind to make your search runs smoothly. 


Set your wedding dress budget before the appointment and make sure to stick to it.  Don’t try on dresses that go over your budget.  It's a great idea to call ahead to the dress boutiques and ask them about price ranges before you stop in. If you fall in love with a dress that you cannot have it will make finding the right dress in your price range close to impossible.


Look for shops in the area will have the most choices for your price range as well as looking at reviews.  You won’t want to travel to a shop just to be disappointed by the service.  Also, if you're looking for a specific dress designer or style it's good to know if the boutique carries them.

What Type of Dress are you looking for?

Look online or in magazines to get an idea of what kind of dress you think would best suit you.  You don’t have to find your exact dress - just find pieces of styles that you like.  Once you have some ideas, pin  some pictures of your favorite styles and have the photos handy when at the store.  This will help your consultant guide you in the right direction when finding your dress. 

That being said, while you think you might want a specific type of dress, be open to trying on a dress or two that aren't in the style type that you think you want. Many have thought they wanted one dress type but have fallen in love with something they never thought they would like.

Who are you bringing to the appointment?

After a long day on trying on dress after dress, the white gowns will slowly begin to blend together and it may be hard to remember which you like and which you don't. By bringing along a team of your best girls, finding a dress will be smooth sailing.  While thinking of people to bring, make sure you are choosing people who are open minded and to those that will listen to your opinion as well as those who will be constructive.  Remember that honesty is the best policy so it is best to keep in mind that family member or friend that will tell you how they really feel.

Also, don't bring too many people. While everyone has great intentions - well, they also have opinions.  This is a big decision and sometimes having too many opinions can be overwhelming. 

Last piece of advice: Don't expect to find the perfect dress at the first shop that you go to. You may need to look around to find the dress that is right for you. Don't settle for a dress because you have been shopping for hours. Give it time - the dress will find you.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

You have great candidates for your wedding party but you're not sure where to start. Here are some of our tips to narrow your list and pick the perfect wedding party for your special day.

Photo Credit: Ingrid Bonne Photography

Photo Credit: Ingrid Bonne Photography

Wedding Size

If you are planning a small and intimate affair ten bridesmaids may be a little over excessive. If an extravagant event is more up your alley then ten may not be so bad after all. The average number for a wedding party is 4-6 people on each side.


Talk finance with your fiancé.  The larger the wedding party, the more you'll spend on flowers, hair and makeup (if you're covering this), gifts, and more.

MORE Opinions

Remember that the more people you include - the more opinions there will be about every detail of your planning. Think opinions on dresses, hair and makeup, flowers, and other items you may not want opinions on.


Choosing people to be in your wedding party is extremely meaningful because these are the people that you are asking to stand with your and support you on your big day. You don't have to ask someone just because you are afraid that it will hurt their feelings if you don't. Also, you don't have to ask someone to stand up in your wedding just because they asked you. That being said, we do make an exception for your future in-law siblings. It's always great to include them in the wedding if it's possible.

There are other ways to include your loved ones

From ushers and officiants to ring bearers and flower girls, many cultures and religions have fun and traditional ways for people to be included in your wedding. Even if your big day is not going to be extremely associated with you or your partners religions or cultures - do some research on the background of them and if you find an idea that you adore go with it! This will also impress some of your friends and family who may be heavily associated with it.