About the Citygirl planner
Logistics expert // Designer of the pretty // Finder of the Vendor Love Connection // Budget master // "Therapist" (but we really mean let's have a latte and/or a cocktail) // Mom-friendly // Detective //
Master problem solver


citygirl [sit-ee-gurl] - noun

1. You’ve got some sass in your back pocket  2. Not obsessed with style, but you’ve got it  3. You actually LOL
4. Must love dogs (and cats!5. Getting married in a city or a cool place  6. Coffee or cocktails are in your weekly (no wait, daily) vocabulary
7. Explorer of the unknown  8. Knows a good reccommendation when she hears it


Here's a short film from the perspective from the Citygirl who started it all.


 Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Sharokina Pazand


Events are all about an experience. They're about encompassing all of the senses. A time to be fully present. Creating memories, friendships, and learning things to keep with you for a lifetime.  I learned this from a young age as I attended parties and weddings with my family.  I loved the excitement and planning involved. I remember the music and how when all of the guests arrived at an event, the first thing they did after greeting everyone was start dancing, eating amazing food, greeting loved ones, and laughing. It was an energizing environment that everyone wanted to be a part of. I knew in my soul that the events world was where I needed to be.  I left my corporate job and started the company at 24 years old because I realized I needed to live out my passion of creating an amazing event experience for each client, every time. That's how Citygirl Events was born.

 Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Kerrie Gallagher


I grew up appreciating all things beautiful. This includes not only nature and art but people and events as well. What is more beautiful than bringing loved ones together? All of my life I have found beauty in details, the smiles, the laughter, even the tears. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Roosevelt University and taught early childhood for many years. I left teaching many years ago, after realizing that I needed to pursue a more artistic and fulfilling path for myself. I continued my education in both fine arts and design. I found a way to marry my love of education and planning with my love for creating beauty. Thus a wedding planner was born. I possess a thoughtful approach and have excellent communication skills, couple those skills with my love for design, and voila... we have a great event.

 Photo: Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

Photo: Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

Matt Davis


This is a dream job to help plan and execute unique and romantic weddings, proposals, and events, and I am thankful and excited to be a part of the Citygirl Team as the resident Cityguy! With a background and education in fine arts and over 15 years of experience in hospitality, I bring an artistic eye to event coordination and a meticulous attention to detail to the planning table.  When I proposed to my wife, I wanted to make that day just as special as she was and is to me, and when we planned our wedding, we wanted it to be a showcase of who we were as a couple and of our love for each other.  My goal as an event planner is to help others share and celebrate the love they have for each other by crafting and creating tailored events and carefully coordinating a plan to ensure every detail of the special day has been met.


 Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Photo: Jennifer Kathryn Photography



Call me Sadie, or Sadester!  I'm the greeter and honorary event planner dog at the Citygirl studio! I love long walks on the beach, taking naps, and most importantly greeting each of our visitors that come to the Citygirl studio. To learn more about me, you can meet me in person at Citygirl or you can follow my adventures on Instagram as Sadie the Citydog!