What To Do Now That You're Engaged!

Cheers to you, newly engaged couple! We're so excited for you and there's a road of adventure you're about to embark on. We've created some videos for you that you can find in this post but we've also got some tips to share with you!

Here's part 1 of 2 on what to do now that you're engaged! See the listing below for details, too.

  • Enjoy and indulge! Look at the ring, go out, enjoy the newly engaged feeling with your better half. Tell family and friends that you want in person or over the phone before posting on social media. Post on social media! Share a photo of the proposal or the photo right after. We'd love to see the ring! Don't forget to buy and read wedding magazines and have some chocolate and bubbly in a warm bath!
  • What is your vision as a couple? When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion. What are the two of you hoping for? Weddings can be big or small, indoor or outdoor, in your hometown, a destination wedding, etc. Talk through all of it, including budget and guest list.
  • Talk with the VIPs. Let parents know your plans and see how they want to be a part of the wedding planning process.
  • Consider hiring a planner. There's a planner for every budget and different packages and customization options.

Here's part 2 of 2 on what to do now that you're engaged! See the listing below for details, too.

  • Budget. What are you working with financially to be able to host your ideal wedding? Your budget will also vary by city.
  • Your guest list. Who is going to be invited? How far will you go into the extended family when it comes to inviting your family? Will coworkers be invited?
  • Time of year and which year are important. In Chicago peak wedding season is April/May-November so if you get engaged in December or January you might want to book your wedding for the next wedding season if you want a book a peak date at a popular venue.
  • Create a wedding binder/have a folder. This will allow you to keep all of your wedding contracts and details all in one place.
  • Set your wedding date. Make sure to coordinate the ceremony and reception locations (if they're separate) to make sure they are both available on your preferred wedding date.

Happy planning!

Don't Forget: Wedding Photography

After working in the wedding industry for so long you learn that photography matters. Let me say that one more time - PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS!


The average wedding cost in 2016 is anywhere from $26,000 - $33,000. That is not a small chunk of change, so don't you want to have a photographer who will work with you to capture every detail of that day, as you would like to remember it? These tips will give you a solid insight on what you should be asking and looking for in a photographer for your wedding day. 

  • Pricing
  • When to Look
  • Style / Flexibility
  • Pricing
  • Engagement Photos
  • Video / Cinematography
  • Wedding Album Options
  • Personality Attraction

The photos and cinematography from your Wedding Day are memories that you will cherish and look upon for years to come - so don't wait until the last minute and don't skimp out!

5 Tips for your Winter Wedding

Though there is nothing that isn't absolutely stunning about a snowy Winter Weddings - there are different aspects that you have to pay attention to compared to the more predictable June wedding 


1. Be careful when picking a destination

Don’t pick a venue that is far away from the majority of the guests or a venue that is set off to the side of society.  Winter weather is unpredictable.  Even though your event will be inside, there is no guarantee that the weather will keep people from getting to your venue.  If a snow storm hits, it can be hard for people to drive to the wedding.

2. Floral

When planning your wedding in the months leading up to the event, be careful not to get hooked on a type of flower that is out of season.  Some flowers can either be impossible to find during this time of the year or very expensive to obtain.  By picking something you know will be in season, you can avoid disappointment.

3. Shoes

Bring extra shoes.  If it is icy, you don’t want to have your bride and your bridesmaids wearing heals.  Bring flat shoes with traction to avoid any spills before the ceremony. Always remember to be cautious.

4 Temperature

Make sure that your venue is properly heated.  In the snowy season, your guests are going to be wearing thicker clothes and more layers. Consult a temperature with the venue management that will keep the venue warm enough to be comfortable but not too warm so that you guests have to either undress  and overheat.

5) Be careful with the menu

While the winter season is the time for comfort food, think twice before serving the favored heavy meals.  If your reception has only heavy meals - people may become tired and ready to leave before the party starts.  By serving lighter meals, you have a better chance of your guests being on the dance floor all night long.

Happy Planning!

Admirable Advice

It is not unheard of to ask you guests for marriage advice.  Chances are the majority of your guests are married or have been married at one point in time.  This means that they all have a good idea of what to do and what not to do in order to have a long lasting and happy marriage.  To get some ideas that will keep your relationship strong, offer an advice box for your guests to leave comments and suggestions at your reception.  They will think it fun and you and your partner will benefit greatly.

Another similar and creative idea is to construct a date box.  This gives your guests the opportunity to offer ideas of how to keep your relationship fresh and lively.  It will also allow your guests to build ideas off of one another and give them some unique ideas that they too can participate in on date night.

These ideas can be tweaked and changed to fit your own unique interests.  They are just a couple of ways to obtain advice and ideas from those with experience and from those who care.

Happy Planning!

Things to Think About

There are a few things that tend to be over looked during wedding planning.  One thing many brides forget to take into consideration is temperature.  While you may think a room is set to a comfortable temperature, once your dress is on and you're ready to go the temperature will only rise. Traditional wedding dresses have multiple layers of fabric and taffeta that can cause a bride to become very warm.  You may not notice this while trying your dress on at a bridal shop because they tend to turn up the air conditioner to insure that their customers stay comfortable.  While you're dancing and enjoying your time at your reception, you may not notice your legs beginning to chafe from over hearing and sweat until it's too late.  To avoid this uncomfortable dilemma, try applying some baby powder to your inner thighs.  This will not only insure a comfortable reception, but a comfortable honeymoon as well.  Since it is not something most think about before their big day with all the hustle and bustle of everything else going on have a bridesmaid or a mother be in charge of bringing along baby powder.  Keep in mind little tips like these and you'll definitely have the wedding of your dreams.

Reception Details: Words of Wisdom

Newlyweds don't always have all of the answers, and that's okay.  Going into a marriage is new and different - and maybe even a little scary.


A clever way to ensure that you start your marriage off right is by allowing your guests to offer you and your partner some advice with an advice box at your wedding reception. It is a charming and endearing way to obtain insight from your family and your close friends on how they have made their relationships successful and healthy.  Advice boxes are a creative way to have your guests get involved and you'll have plenty of insight that you and your partner will cherish for years to come!

Always keep in mind that it is okay to ask for advice and stay positive!

Beauty Bar: 5 Wedding Prep Steps

The morning of your wedding day can be a stressful one, but here are the steps to making sure that everything runs smoothly.


Step #1

Get a good nights rest - sleepy brides are not happy brides on their big day!

Step #2

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready when scheduling out your timeline for the day so you're not having to run down the aisle and can enjoy this beautiful day. 

Step #3

Make sure to wear a loose button-up shirt, or a zip-up jacket while going through beauty prep - this will allow you to change without damaging your flawless hair and makeup.

Step #4

Allow yourself to munch on some energy-filled snacks and plenty of water throughout wedding party prep. This time of day can be so hectic and you may be caught up with the excitement of it all - but trust us when we say you'll want to retain your energy for the day! 


Clean your ring! There will be plenty of up close and detailed photos during your wedding prep so make sure that your ring is shining and ready to impress.